We are very happy to announce we hope to get another litter in end of January 2010, coming from the same cross of pedigrees like last litter `D`, and with similar genes combination.


Trip time


Id like to show puppies from last `D` litter in age of 4,5 month , I’m proud of them specially because of latest very promising Hip X rays - /Contessa&Apollo/


Double Trouble


Argus Electra DE LA BUGATTI


Argus Electra DAVIDOFF


Argus Electra DINASTIA


Argus Electra DIUNA


Argus Electra DISSEL






Friedrichshafen judge Mr Muriel Frölich France /D/


On this dog show Annina showed Argus Electra BOYAR, Boyar woon in Champion class 1 ex, CAC and res.CACIB
Annina congratulation !!!





Arguses 4 months old :)


Argus Electra De La BUGATTI


Argus Electra Dissel


Argus Electra Dynastia


Argus Electra DAVIDOFF


Argus Electra Diuna






08.11. International Dog Show Poznań judge A.Zhuk (BY)
We showed almost "full set" of our Argus Electra Team, we got 2 x CAC, 1 x res.CACIB and 2 excellent in open class.


ANTARES s Almasnogo Ostrova got her first CAC on International Dog Show, Sabine my congratulations - showing Antares is like going with small sweet devil on the leash - full of temper girl is difficult to control :-)


Argus Electra CHORNAYA UZI in open class 2 excellent.

Argus Electra CONTESSA was shown in Champion Class, she got CAC and res.CACIB. It's already 21 CAC, which she got in her showing carrier.

In the end we took nice shoot of our family members, Ada thank You for such a nice company, I hope we will meet again soon on another exhibition.

Argus Team






I've just got nice photo of Vańka Argus Electra DOUBLE TROUBLE with his owner Agnes - nice, sweet, heavy boy


Double Trouble





National Dog Show of Terriers in Racibórz judge V.M. Soleckyj-Szpunar

Argus Electra CONTESSA got 1 excellent and CAC in Champion Class,
ANTARES s Almaznogo Ostrova 2 excellent in intermediate class


Argus Electra Contessa





18.10.2009 - National Exhibition in Szentendre Hungary - judge Dr Kertesi Karoly /H/:

Szentendre is a lucky city for us. Two years ago Basma (mother of Contessa) used to win there, at that time even Contessa got her first point as a winner in puppy class. So this year a history likes to repeat...
Argus Electra CONTESSA 3 months after giving a birth of puppies was again on ring with excellent results as CAC and BOB between 9 Black Russian Terriers. She is already second dogs with title of Hungarian Champion in our kennel. I hope she is not the last one.



... and last picture De La Bugatti  :)







CACIB Bundessieger , Frau Freerksen /D/

Argus Electra BOYAR shown by Annina in Champion Class wonn V1, VDH CAC, Res. CACIB
Annina congratulation, now with pleasure I can show Boyars photo , Annina, Bastian thank You :)







If somebody asked me about living BRT with children, its could looking like this :)

Uzi and her best friend Kuba :)


Tooday I`v got from Pilar /Spain/ new photo of Teddy Bear DISSEL :), he is so sweet like always








Cacib Wrocław judge Mr. Marek Lewandowski /PL/

Argus Electra CONSTANTIN got in open class CWC 1 exellent between 8 males in competition




our girls Argus Electra CHORNAYA UZI IIIex/V in open , and ANTARES s Almaznogo Ostrowa III ex/IV


Argus Electra CHORNAYA UZI


ANTARES s Almaznogo Ostrowa





After so short time all my puppies got a new great families. It was very wonderfull time for me, but the time passess so quick ... too quick.
For next litter I have a plans on winter 2009 or spring 2010. All interested in puppy from my kennel welcome then.


20.09.2009 - At last weekend Apollo of Berryland with beautifull style comlite all titll to Inter Champion and Croatian Champion - Gerli conratulation :)


Double Trouble in new house


Double Trouble vel. Vanja


Double Trouble vel. Vanja


Bugatti in new house


Argus Electra Dream of Berryland vel Electra in new house






Time’s up , `D` Argus litter slowly is coming to new families.

Last puppies also find new homes - DISSEL went to SPAIN , Argus Electra DREAM of BERRYLAND will be in loved and `spoiled` by Gerli from BERRYLAND kennel .

For this moment I can offer last bitch of Argus litter , - very promising for show, with fantastic temper, very nice angulations, also with impressing movement. I hope for show future of this girl.






We are looking new owners for 2 pupps, bought are very persective for show
Argus Electra DE LA BUGATTI: very temper lady , with perfect expresion of BRT type


and the strong man Argus Electra DISSEL


more photo of samll Arguses You find in  puppes galerys



Argus Electra Double Trouble




National Dog Show Nowy Targ judge J. Mrugasiewicz /PL/

ANTARES s Almaznogo Ostrowa, first time in 15 month age, shown in intermediate class wonn her first CWC tittl.

the day before :)



Id like to presentes new photo of our small Arguses team - portrait & show position , moore






National Show Chojnice jugde mrs. Jadwiga Niciewicz
Argus Electra CONSTANTIN shown in open class with succes , 1 ex CAC, with this titll, COSTA became a Champion of Poland.

Its time to show new Argus Electra team, kids are 19 days old , all has open eyes, and most of them are discower new world.



Lunchroom :)


Now, I myself



Replacement mother


The best way is with the mother



Some photos of boys from litter "C", which I get from owners.


Corus - with flowers


 Colin - viewpoint





On July 15 , there were born 11 pups- 6 sweet girls and 5 strong men ;) .
Mummy and pups are fine

Moore info in link `puppies`





Cacib Kraków

judge P. Anatolij Zhuk (BY)


It was lucky weekend for our kennel,   Argus Electra CHIORNAYA UZI in open class got CAC, next  in competition for BOS, she recived her first Cacib, and comparing with beautifull  male Dargas Drugelis she got BEST of BREED .  With this CAC  Uzi complite title CHAMPION of POLAND.


Chiornaya Uzi


Chiornaya Uzi & Dargas Drugelis





20-21.06.2009 2 x CACIB Szekesfehervar Hungary

judges:  20.06 Balazsovits Janos Ference /H/

21.06 Hartmann Gyorgy /H/


Argus Electra CONTESSA was shown in champion class, she got very impressive results - on first day CAC and on second day CAC, CACIB, BOB!!! Now she will have a break according her pregnancy.



21.06 Cacib Dog Show Szczecin
judge Milivoje Urosevich /Serb/

Argus Electra CONSTANTIN got I/5 excellent, CAC. Big congratulations to owner and to handler, because showing COSTA it's big challenge :-)






It was great weekend for our kennel.

CONTESSA has got her qualifications for INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION within 370 days !!! :-)



06.06.09 Cacib Dog Show Portoroz Słowenia
judge  Alexey Belkin - RUS


Argus Electra CONTESSA was shown in Champion Class and she got CAC, Best Female, Cruft Qualification 2010 and BOB !!!
So she has finished her qualifications to get INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION title !!!! She is our first dog with this kind of prize :-)


07.06.09 Cacib Dog Show Portoroz Słowenia
judge Guiseppe Allesandra (I)

Next day was interesting too, because our girl again was the best in her class she got CAC and CACIB.




17.05 National Dog Show BYTOM

judge mrs. Zygmunt Jakubowski

On this dog show we shown two of our girls, Argus Electra CONTESSA 1 ex/3, CWC, and Best Bitch of Breed
ANTARES s Almaznogo Ostrova 1 ex, Junior Winner, Best Junior in Breed, with this winn ANTARES has got tittl Junior Champion of Poland :)


 Argus Electra CONTESSA





26.04.2009 Internationl Dog Show in Opole

judge mrs Flyora Chaikovskaya (Rossia)

Argus Electra CONTESSA , shown in open class, she recived exel. II/ 8, it was really big competition .
ANTARES s Almasnogo Ostrova started with Sabina - her handler in Junior, between 6 bitches she recived exellent.

ANTARES z Almasnogo Ostrova / photo by Mirosław Merena





19.04.2009 - National Exhibition in Częstochowa
judge Mr A.Skrzyński:

It was lucky day for us ... Argus Electra CONTESSA in open class got CAC, BOS and BOB, so it was last CAC to complite title of Champion of Poland

Sabine - owner of Antares has started her exhibition carrieer too :-) ANTARES s Almaznogo Ostrova got in youth calss excellent I and Junior Winner







In german kennel www.schwarzer-terrier.info was born first litter out of our Aregus Electra BOYAR & Primadonna-Pretensia vom Aralse. 3 nice strong puppies: 1 girl and 2 boys (520-650gr) are waiting for new family.





5.04. International Dog Show in Austria - Wieselburg
Judge: Rajko Rotner /Slo/

Argus Electra CONTESSA won in open class CAC, and in comparing CACIB J

this is new photo of our `mum` Basma Performans , with the age she is more beautiful.

Wydaje się, że czas dla niej się zatrzymał, z wiekiem wygląda coraz lepiej. Kto wie, może Basma jest ja dobre wino, z wiekiem coraz piękniejsza




Cacib Katowce, judge Dusan Paunovic (Serbia)


Our young bitch ANTARES s Almasnogo Ostrova shown in junior class wonn 1 ex.- Junior Winner , and comaparing with best junior male, she recieved
BEST JUNIOR in BREED and CRUFT Qualification


Tatjana thank You a lot for Your help



Argus Electra CHIORNAYA UZI - V3 in open class






The following Argus has checked hips

Argus Electra CHIORNAYA UZI - HD-A J





1.03  National Dog Show Dermbah in Germany judge Mrs Buss
Argus Electra BOYAR shown in champion class, he wonn 1 ex. CAC With this tittl , BOYAR finished German Champion VDH

Now Argus Electra BOYAR is
German Champion VDH
German Champion KFT

28.02/1.03 - 2x Cacib Dog Show ZAGRZEB
Judge : Jasminka Knezewić (CRO)
            LIGITA ZAKE (LAT)

We spend a very nice weekend in Zagreb, besides walk into the old city, we had a meetings with BRT fanciers – Zeljika Miron thank You a lot, for Your companionship, and all help , see You soon in next Year I Hoppe J

However the biggest fun give us duble success of our girl Argus Electra CONTESSA
On bought shows she wonn:

2 x CAC
2 x BOB J

Zagreb give us a lot of lucky , and it is most beautiful place with fantastic atmosphere, I hope that we will return there many Times.




The following Argus has checked hips

Argus Electra CONSTANTIN - HD-A J




7.02. CACIB Exhibition Rzeszów judge Mrs M.Świętoń

Our new star ANTARES s Almaznogo Ostrovo has started her show carrier in very nice style - 1 excellent and BOB Puppy



Upssssssss!!!! It was too much for small girl ... J


Argus Electra CONTESSA in intermmidiate class - II excellent



Two girls from our kennel in open class Argus Electra BALLADA II excellent, and Argsu Electra CHIORNAYA UZI III excellent. The Winner of the day BOB went to Hafanana s Almaznogo Ostrova . She comes from this same kennel as our ANTARES


Argus Electra BALLADA






We have started new season ...

Olomouc Czech Rep. judge Mr. M.Vaclavik
Argus Electra CONTESSA intermidiate class I excellent and National Winner 2009



I would like to introduce our new girl - ANTARES z Almaznogo Ostrova , daughter of Multi i Int.Ch. AMURAT KARAHAN and Int. Ch. LESNAYA NIMFYA s Almaznogo Ostrova.

Just we had a visit of the owner Amurat Karahan – Tatjana , which gave ANTARES new style grooming , almost adult J. Tatjana thank You a lot.
I`d like to invite You to ANTARES new site soon.





Summarising year 2008


so we would like to get our results all together ....


This year was the first year of showing litter C with very nice results and continuously litter B still on the rings. Their mother BASMA Performans just finished her exhibition time in age of 5,5 years old.


Results of 2008 are:


Junior Winner x 13
Best Junior in Breed x 8
Best of Group Junior x 3
Best in Show Junior II x 1

CWC / CAC x 21
Res CAC x 4
Res. CACIB x 4
Best of Sex x 11
Best of Breed x 7
Best of Group x 2
Best of Group II x 1
Best in Show x 1

Dogs from our Kennel got:

Junior Winner Pl x 3
Champion of Poland x 1
Champion of Slovakia x 1
Champion of Germany x 1
Championa of Croatia x 1


And a very special award is first place In Exhibition Rank of Black Russian Terier Serwis www.czarnyterier.com to Argus Electra CONTESSA.
So ….
Argus Electra CONTESSA
became the BEST FEMALE of 2008

I would like to congratulate to all owners of Argus Electra Team and abroad for all success!!! Thank You!


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