so we would like to get our results all together ....


This year was the first year of showing litter C with very nice results and continuously litter B still on the rings. Their mother BASMA Performans just finished her exhibition time in age of 5,5 years old.


Results of 2008 are:


Junior Winner x 13
Best Junior in Breed x 8
Best of Group Junior x 3
Best in Show Junior II x 1

CWC / CAC x 21
Res CAC x 4
Res. CACIB x 4
Best of Sex x 11
Best of Breed x 7
Best of Group x 2
Best of Group II x 1
Best in Show x 1

Dogs from our Kennel got:

Junior Winner Pl x 3
Champion of Poland x 1
Champion of Slovakia x 1
Champion of Germany x 1
Championa of Croatia x 1


And a very special award is first place In Exhibition Rank of Black Russian Terier Serwis www.czarnyterier.com to Argus Electra CONTESSA.
So ….

Argus Electra CONTESSA became the BEST FEMALE of 2008

I would like to congratulate to all owners of Argus Electra Team
and abroad for all success!!! Thank You!

We already look forward exhibitions in next year ...






National Exhibition in Nowa Ruda judge P. Peter Rehanek /CZ/
Argus Electra BALLADA got 1/5 exc. CAC



I’ve just got a news from Patrycja Spotan who runs BTR Servis in Poland, that our


            Argus Electra CONTESSA became
          The Best BRT Bitch in Poland 2008


And another nice result is
The Best BRT Male in Poland is European Winner Dargas Drugelis – congratulations to owner!
We are so proud of this result for our CONTESSA


                                                                  Patrycja great work – thank You !!






Zagreb. Argus Electra BURAN in champion class 2/4 res.CAC and res. CACIB
On second day in this same competition 3 exc.





CACIB Poznań judge: Peter Rechanek /CZ/
Argus Electra CONTESSA was shown In intermediate class – 2/4 ex.


In the end of November 2008 our Contessa gave her blood to BANK OF BLOOD in Poland.

A while ago her mother Basma Performans did exactly this same. So in this way we would like to promote sharing a blood of our dogs with other pupils in need.
More info http://www.psia-krew.pl





19.10.2008 Racibórz Terrier National Dog Show judge Mr. Piotr Król

ARGUS ELECTRA CONTESSA in intermediate class, woon 1 CAC , BOS and Best of Breed J



CONTESSA was allso between best 6 terriers on Best in Shows



Dortmund Dortmundssieger judge Mr. Stefanescu /Ro/
ARGUS ELECTRA BOYAR  - was 1 between 5 conurents, exellent and CAC, congratulation Annina



I’ve just got photos of Argus Electra BOYAR during his IPO training. I’m so proud of him that apart from very high exhibition quality he is also an excellent as a “working boy”. Annina – thank You for such an excellent work with my “small boy”, for Your love and patience.


More photos --->




Wangelau judge Ilse Freerksen (D)
Argus Electra Boyar got qualifications for stud do ` ZUCHTZULASSUNG’ and top note ` ANGEKÖRT` - as a excellent in type stud male.

European Dog Show judge Paolo Dondina /I/
Argus Electra CONTESSA got only very good L Hmm ... strange note, but it’s first time and I hope last time J




Cacib Dog Show Wrocław judge Mr. Broll /PL/

Argus Electra BARISHKA was shown on this dog show, she recived II/III exellent.





20.09 Slovenia Cacib Maribor the judge P. Anne Bogucka /Pl/

I showed in intermediate class ours Argus Electra CONTESSA. TO¦KA has won , in this class 1 excellent , and CAC, then in BOS competition she get the title of the Best Bitch in the Breed and CACIB next qualification for Inter Champion title.



21.09 Slovenia Cacib Maribor Pohorje the judge P. Bojan Matakovic /HR/

In this day Argus Electra CONTESSA , shown again in intermediate class, she receive again the same result’s J CAC, BOS and CACIB, with this success she confirmed her own class of the Best Bitch in the Breed at the first and second day.





14.09 BRT Club Dog Show – Warsaw Judge Rui Oliveira /Portugal/

I was perfect exhibition , with beautiful BRT on ring.
The weather was so cold , but nothing could disappoint us – great atmosphere was on .
In intermediate class – Argus Electra CONTESSA was I excellent , and CAC

The Club Winners are :
Malhovskaja Barynja - bitch with wonderful movement , and very impressive male Amurat Karahan.

Malahovskaja Barynja & AMURAT KARAHAN



Winning by Amurat Karahan , make us even more happy, because his small daughter "IDA" is with us.
We hope, she will be a star like her father J


IDA :)


13.09 National Terrier Dog Show judge JOVICA ZIVKOVIC (Serbia)
Argus Electra CONTESSA , again I ex. with CAC




Black Terrier Klub Dog Show in Germany - Bensheim, Mrs Friedl /D/

On this dog show Annina shwed ARGUS ELECTRA BOYAR in open class , he won I ex. 1/4 with it , he recived next nomination to German Champion, and res. CAC

Annina my congratulation J





Today we have got wonderfull news :
Argus Electra CONTESSA /Int.Ch.BASMA Performans x Int.Ch.VIRGILL s Zolotogo Grada/
HD-A !!




Nowy Targ, judge P. Rehanek


On this exhibition we showed both girls: mother and daughter BASMA Performans i Argus Electra CONTESSA.
CONTESSA recived her last title of Junior Winner , and she also won Best Junior in Breed



Next TO¦KA got Best Junior in II Grup and on finals she was in the LAST BEST five juniors BIS.



BASMA Performans started in Champions Class , she won CAC, BOS and BOB !!
BASMA Performans was qualificated to best five of II Group.





3.08 Zakopane National Dog Show judge Mrs. Ewa Bukład


Tooday in Zakopane was shown 3 girls from our ARGUS ELECTRA kennel. Argus Electra CONTESSA in junior class 1 place ex. Junior Winner , Best Junior in Breed and BOB


CONTESSA allso started in finall competition, and she recived titlle BEST JUNIOR IInd GROUP





Argus Electra BARISHKA 1 place exellent in open class.

Argus Electra CHIORNAYA UZI 1 place exellent in inetrmedia class CAC & BOS






Heppenheim Niemcy judge Mrs. Phylis Poduchka Aigner /A/

Yestarday on National Terrier Dog Show in Germany Annina showed with succes Basmas son from her first litter Argus Electra BOYAR

BOYAR on this dog show ricived CAC, BOS & BOB
In finall competition he wonn II place between big teriers. BOYAR with this winning finished his German Champion
Annina my congratulation.




27.07 it was two CAC dog shows - Będzin and Chojnice

Będzin judge Ms M. Supronowicz. On this dog show we shown 2 bitches from Argus kennel.


ARGUS ELECTRA CHIORNAYA UZI first time shown in open class recived exellent CAC



ARGUS ELECTRA CONTESSA shown in intermediate recived exellent and CAC, and she wonn allso BOS titll.



Chojnice judge Jarosław Guba


On this dog show, Viola shown ARGUS ELECTRA CONSTANTIN, he recived CAC and BOS titll





19-20.07 2xCACIB Hungary & Austria

We’ve just come back from 2 days exhibition trip. It was wonderfull weekend for us.
Our Argus Electra CONTESSA the first time was shown in open class abroad and she got an excellent results.


Hungary – Szombathely (judge Mr Piotr Król) TO¦KA won open class with CAC and res. CACIB


Next day it was exhibition in Austria Oberwart (judge P.Getzinger) and TO¦KA repeated her success from first day ... again CAC and res. CACIB





National Dog Show in USTROŃ judge Mrs. Jabłońska (Pl)


Tooday on exhibition our Argus Electra TCHIORNAYA UZI recived Junior Winner and Best Junior in Breed. With this title , it was last ticket of CAC Junior which she needed to get title Junior Champion of Poland J





15.06. National Dog Show Racibórz judge Mrs. Adrianna Buks-Ziółkowska PL


We shown our Argus Electra CONTESSA in junior class, she recived tittl Junior Winner, and Best Junior in Breed.

With this succes she has all certificate for POLISH JUNIOR CHAMPION J


She has start allso in BIS Junior, and she was qualificated for the best  two Juniors between GROUP  


the day beffore - fresh grooming is the best ;) 


and CONTESSA on BIS junior ring 




1.06 CACIB Leszno judge Mr. J.Gajewski PL


On CACIB Exhibition in Leszno our Argus Electra CONTESSA  was the first time shown in intermidiate class, it was big success for us, because she got nomination for Polish Champion and then she won her first CACIB title and the Best Bitch in Breed. But she is only 15,5 months J


oto mała w ringu J




Argus Electra CONSTANTIN was 3rd with excellent, allso first time in intermediate class.
The weather was so hot and showing for dogs and people was really difficult too.




18.05 National Dog Show Czaplinek judge Mrs. Dorota Kuczyńska Standełło


Argus Electra CODA was shown in Czaplinek exhibition , she recived 1 exellent and titll Junior Winner





National Dog Show Bytom, judge Mr.Broll


Argus Electra CHORNAYA UZI in juniuor class 1 exellent beteen 6 bitches, she recived Junior Winner tittl, and Best Junior in Breed .

Ada has her handling debiut with UZI , my congratulation !!.





10.05.2008 - National Dog Show Beliąće - Croatia, judge Mr. Vibor Jeżek /CR/


This is next Dog Show, and next succes of  Argus Electra BURAN J

BURAN recived CAC , BOB, and Best of Group !!


Conratulation to hander and ovner !!!




We hade beautiful sping








So We have have another great weekend for Argus Electra Kennel.


Bańska Bystrzyca CAC exhibition judge Mr.Jancik Leos /CZ/
BASMA Performans -I ex. CAC in Championn class, sow she has complited tittl of Slovakian Champion



CACIB Dog Show exhibition Łódz judge Mrs. M. Gereasimowawa -
Argus Electra CONSTANTIN I ex Junior Winner, sow he is got qualification for Tittle of Junior Champion of Poland




National Dog Show in Bydgoszcz judge Mrs. Magdalena Kozłowska

Argus Electra CONSTANTIN was shown in Bydgoszcz exhitition , he recived 1 exelent, Junior Winner tittl, and Best Junior in Breed.





27.04 National Dog Show in Dejakovo judge Tatjana Laličević - (BiH)
On the yesterday′s exhibition in Croatia our Argus Electra BURAN recived in open class CAC, BOS and BOB !!.
Next, BURAN won on Group, and in final BEST IN SHOW !!!
It is the following success of this dog, and next BIS. Well done!! Dejan , Zoran thank You for this succese !!






ZORAN special thanks to You, for Your handling ,
grooming and big passion, becouse it wouldn`t be possiblke without You.




Cacib OPOLE - judge Joanna Korpetta Szczepańska

Tooday we showed 2 bitches and 1 male from our kennel Argus Electra CONTESSA - Winner of Junior class 1/3, she recived next tittl Junior Winner


Argus Electra BAZOOKA 3rd exellent between 6 bitches .
Argus Electra CONSTANTIN in Junior class recived 2/2 exellent




National Dog Show Częstochowa judge Mr. E.Nagiel
On this dog show we showed in Junor class our Argus Electra CONTESSA she reciver II place and exellent between 6 bitches.
BASMA Performans showed in Champion class winn CWC, BOS and BOB!!


waiting for show


19.04.2008 National Dog Show Inowrocław judge Mrs.E.Bukład
Argus Electra CONSTANTIN showed in Junior Class winn 1 place , exellent and Junior Winner - congratulation !!




We've been very busy last weekend.

29.03.08 Katowice Cacib Show - Judge Hans v.d. Berg (NL)


4 dogs from our breeding got medals and an excellent opinion:
Argus Electra CONSTANTIN excellent II/8 - Junior class,
Argus Electra CHIORNAYA UZI excellent I/10 Junior CHampion, Cruft Qulified 2009,
Argus Electra BARISHKA excellent I/7 CAC, so now she is already Polish Champion,
Argus Electra BAZOOKA excellent II/7.


Argus Electra CONSTANTIN



Argus Electra CHORNAYA UZI



Argus Electra BARISHKA



Argus Electra BAZOOKA


I enclosed some special photos from exhibition


Talking about breed ...



it was so funny...



Time for break ...     &     BOB winner - Amurat Karahan


All together now !!!!!!!!!


Dziękuje Robertowi za udostępnienie zdjęć



Next day we went to Nitra exhibition, where Basma was shown in Champion Class. She was second, but the atmosphere was far from nice and unsportive !






Offenburg - judge Martha Heine

Argus Electra BOYAR showed in oppen class recived exellent V1, res CAC, and next res. Cacib




To łozbuziak CORUS w swoje pierwsze urodziny :)




Yestarday 16.02 on CAC Bydgoszcz /judge Piotr Król/

Argus Electra CONSTANTIN
was Winn in junior class, he was allso recive Best Junior in Breed :)




On Dog Show in Rzeszów I got so wonderfull surprise - picture of BAYA FIOLKA made by Kasia (the youngest owner of Argus Electra BRT). I'm so impressed it was very touching moment !!! Thank You Kasia





Yesterday on CACIB Exhibition in Rzeszów our CONTESSA the first time was shown in junior class. She got an excellent opinion with Junior CAC, then after competition with Best Junior Male she got title BEST JUNIOR in Breed. We are very proud of it.



Her brother Argus Electra COBA vel OZZY got excellent 4 between 8 dogs in junior class





Today Argus Electra COLIN has visited his mum BASMA. Already 6 months passed when we saw each other. I had to do a lot of groomer work on him to recognized him as a Black Russian Terrier again. He seems to be very, very strong young male with a lot of muscels and thick bones. This is his last photo.





This is our young bitch Argus Electra CONTESSA , in age 11 month



In last time, I have sow Argus Electra CONSTANTIN, this is result of our visit in Viola`s home :)




Summarising year 2007

The next year passed over ...

We got an excellent "C" litter between BASMA Performans and VIRGILL s Zolotogo Grada.
Our BASMA after giving a birth to second litter, came back into rings and won few times, and on the top winning list BTR 2007 she got 4 position!!!
Her children from litter `B` and `C` litter got really very impressive results on polish and European exhibitions, showing their quality and an excellent movement.


Zw Mł   x 11

NJwR    x 5

CWC     x 24

BOS      x 10

CACIB   x 2

res CACIB  x 2 ,

BOB   x 10

BOG   x 2


BIS pupie II  x 1

BIS junior   x 2

BIS II lok  x 1

BIS III  lok  x 1

Chamiponat Węgier  BASMA Performans

Mł Championaty  zamknęło  5 psów / z pierwszego miotu Basmy/

Mł Zw Kl.Chorwacji  x  1


As You can see we are very proud of ARGUS team. But all those successes wouldn't be possible without their OWNERS

I'm so thankfully to all of You, for Your an excellent care and handling work with dogs from Argus Electra Kennel .
I wish You even more joy, fun and a lot of successes in 2008 year.