Tooday first Basmas offsping celebrate their second birthday, all the best to the first ARGUSES !!!



24.11.2007. CACIB Zagreb Croatia - judge Ron Menaker (USA)
Our Argus Electra BURAN showed in intermedia class , was take excellent, CAC, R.CACIB , my conratulation to Dajan and Zoran :)




National Exhibition in Włocławek judged by Valentin Fedorov Ru.

Argus Electra CONSTANTIN - the successful debut in Junior Class, 1 lock and title Junior Winner between 4 males, he also was received Best Junior in Breed .

The debut was not only COSTA, but and Piotr. Im hope they are become an excellent a couple of exhibition
I hope, CONSTANTIN in the future will bring a lot joys on rings

Argus Electra CONSTANTIN

We received the official result X-ray of Argus Electra BOYAR /Basma i Eroha/ hips from Germany, its HD-A1 J



Argus Electra BALLADA /EROHA & BASMA/ was X rayed, official verdict is HD-A  J


11.10.2007 CACIB Stuttgart, judge Peter Machetanz (D)
Annina was showed 2 males coming from our kennel
Argus Electra CAYUS v.p. in puppie class
Argus Electra BOYAR V1 VDH Anwartschaft (exc.1) in interedia class

10.11.2007 National Dog Show Stuttgart, judge Christine Rossier (CH)
Argus Electra CAYUS v.p. in puppie class
Argus Electra BOYAR : V1 VDH Anw. (exc) in intermedia class


Id like to show actually photo of Chonaya UZI in 9 month old.
She was grow a litlle
She is not puppie at all, it was nice to make on her body new groom style, as a her first adult BRT design



Today we were on Nitra Canis Exhibition - Slovakia (judge Andros Korozs Hungary)
BASMA Performans has finished her last dog show in this year with CAC, BOS and next CACIB, then her daughter Argus Electra CONTESSA vel TOŚKA in puppy class VV II/3

BASMA Performance




20-21.10 It was amaizing weekend for Argus's dogs
We showed our dogs on CAC Dog Show in Racibórz - judge Mrs Winiarska

BASMA Performance was shown in champion class got CAC, then BOS and BOB !!!


Argus Electra CONTESSA vel Toska got I excellent, Best Puppy in Breed , then Best im Show Puppy II


Argus Electra COBA with new star in ring Sebastian :), got I and very promising .

And another nice news from Germany Argus Electra Boyar
20.10.07 intermmidia class I excellent res.CAC VDH
21.10.07 intermmidia class again I excellent CAC VDH, then BOS and BOB ... my congratulations to Annina :-)



Argus Electra BAZOOKA is almost 2 years old :)



News from Germany

12.10 "BUNDESSIEGER "  in Dortmund Argus Electra BOYAR has strat in intermedia class, he was recived II place and exellent.

On the same Show, Argus Electra CAYUS was showed first time :), he was recived very promising.




Today , it was very nice family meeting In Szentendre CAC Dog Show In Hungaria.

After 9 month I was sow  Argus Electra BURAN,/ living in Croatia/

After Dog Show full of emotion J, I can say about verdict

judge was Mr. Andros Korozs /H/ 

BASMA Performans last time  In Champion class was winn CAC and BOS,

From today BASMA Performans  is Hungarian Champion !!

Argus Electra BURAN in intermedia class, recived his first CAC to Hungarian Champion, next he was take  BOS, and on end, He was winn  with mummy BASMA-BOB


Argus Electra CONTESSA shown In puppy class was take very promising, and very nice judge opinion.



We have good news from Croatia
6.10.07 CAC Vukovar- judge Mr Rade Pajic /BIH/-
At the National Dog Show our Argus Electra BURAN in intermedia class has recived CAC & BOB, next he was at first 5 best dogs in II Group.

next day was much better :)
7.10.07 CACIB Dog Show in Osijek judge Calin Simu /Ro/
Argus Electra BURAN in intermedia class has recived his next CAC , and his first tittl CACIB. In competiton BURAN also was winn BOB.
Next he was winn Best of Group, and in the final our Argus Electra BURAN, has recived Res. BEST in SHOW.

Congratulation to BURANS ovners, Vanja & Dejan, and his handler Zoran.


30.09. WROCŁAW - International Dog Show

Argus Electra CODA in puppie class II place, and v.p. and Argus Electra CONTESSA in puppie class III place, and v.p.


BASMA Performans was showed in champion class, she was take II place, and res. Cacib


After exibition , we have taken a photo of all BRT

fot. mecel


We have nice time in this weekend, on National Dog Show in Chorzów /judge P.Król/
our Young Arguses , litter "C" /BASMA Performans and VIRGILL s Zolotogo Grada/ , was first time on ring, and they was winn in puppie class.
Argus Electra COBA was received 1 place and very promissing.
Argus Electra CONTESSA alsso was winn in puppie class, with very promissing, next she was winn Best Puppie in Breed .
Argus Electra BALLADA in intermediate class, got her next CAC to tittl Champ of Poland.
We was showed also mummy BASMA Performans in Champion class, she got CAC.


Argus Electra COBA


Argus Electra CONTESSA


BASMA Performans


Lately, BASMA Performance was X-ed (second time). She got an excellent result HD-A (4,5 years old and after 2 litters).
Her daughter Argus Electra Contessa (father Virgill z Zolotogo Grada) was X-rayed too, result is promising for future breeding :-)


It was day with a lot of successes for our dogs 02-09-2007 CAC Exhibition in Częstochowa. BASMA Performance got CAC, BOS and in the end BOB!!!

BASMA Performans


Argus Electra BALLADA got CAC in intermediate class,
Argus Electra CHIORNAYA UZI daughter of BASMA and VIRGILL z Zolotogo Grada got I and very promising between 3 bitches.


It was really nice day



CAC show in Županja (HR) Judge Vibor Ježek HR
Argus Electra BURAN won CAC and BOB ,he also was II BOG .



At the National Dog Show in Stuttgart - Germany , Argus Electra BOYAR , won intermediate class and got his first German CAC titl, also he was became a Best Male of breed - BOS!!! congratulation Annina!!



Today we have show our Basma Performance in CAC Dog Show in Nowy Targ.
She was start in Champion Class, Basma was got I exc. CAC and BOS, Judge was Jan Gajewski



Today we came back with 3 winners from exhibition in Ustroń
Argus Electra Birman intermidiate class got I exc. CAC,
Argus Electra Barishka intermidiate class got I exc. CAC,
and their mother Basma Performance in Champion Class got I exc. CAC and BOS.
It was very nice for us to meet almost half of our CTR family

Argus Electra BIRMAN


Argus Electra BARISHKA


BASMA Performans



Our three children from Argus Team and their mother went excellent on the ring in Kraków.
Argus Electra Boyar got I exc. CAC, Argus Electra Birman II excellent,
Argus Electra Barishka I excellent CAC - it was her first time in ring in intermediate clss:-),
Basma Performance II exc in Champion Class

Anina and Bastian I really apreciate Your long trip to Poland and showing Boyar at Kraków Exhibition

Argus Electra Boyar


BASMA Performans



All puppies have new houses.

CAYUS will live in Germany, my boy will soon go home


Wraz z nadejściem lata zakończył się pewien etap w życiu naszej hodowli.
Czas to był niełatwy, bo wiosną przyszedł na świat drugi miot naszej Basmy, niestety radość tą przytłumiła pierwsza , ogromna strata, bo w tym właśnie czasie niespodziewanie odszedł nasz ukochany Matti.
Pies o największym sercu zamkniętym w najmniejszym ciałku, to był prawdziwy brave hart, ale przede wszystkim prawdziwy mój przyjaciel, nawet dziś , gdy wydaje się , że się pogodziłam z tym faktem łzy stale cisną się na policzki, nie wiem czy przyjdzie mi jeszcze kiedyś mieć takiego psa.
MATTI moje wielkie malutkie serce…..





At the Euro Dog Show in Zagreb our Argus Electra BURAN was 4th with excellent note in the class of 23 juniors. We are very proud of him. Congratulations for Croatian Team! :)



There are still 2 puppies (male & female) for sale:





Today I have received test results of the following dogs:
Argus Electra BIRMAN - HD-A, E-00
Argus Electra BAZOOKA - HD-A



Croatia - on the National Dog Show in Dejakovo Argus Electra BURAN shown first time in intermediate class has received his first CAC to Championship of Croatia and, fourth time in his young career, Best of Breed title.



On May 19 on the National Show in Bytom our Argus Electra BIRMAN has received his first CWC certificate to Championship of Poland. Congratulations Iwonka!


On May 15 at the National Show in Slavonski Brod (Croatia) our Argus Electra BURAN in junior class has received Junior Winner title again and the same he has completed Junior Championship of Croatia, so we have already third Junior Champion from our first litter!

Next he has competed with other black russian terriers for the Best of Breed title and after he became Best of Breed he went to win with 50 other dogs at the Junior Best In Show! But that wasn't all this day! With 18 other dogs he won Best of Group and in the final he has received 3rd place in Best In Show!!!

Super!!! that is the next success of that dog, we our very proud of his results and waiting for more!
Vanja & Dejan - thank you very much!!! I'm very glad that Buran in your hands has so spectacular successes!
Thanks to Buran's handler - Zoran - for so beautiful presentation!
And you, Jasmina, thanks for the 'super last touch'.



Our puppies are 3 months old!



Contessa vel Tośka






There is one more puppy - Cayus - waiting for new home. In my opinion he is looking to be a nice show dog in the future.
There is one new puppy gallery - 2 months old!



Today I have received a very good information - Argus Electra BURAN has official HD-A result! The same he was confirmed as a stud dog and he is first stud dog from Argus Electra!!

Today at the International Dog Show in Opole our Argus Electra BIRMAN has completed all the 'Junior Winner' titles to become Junior Champion of Poland! Congratulations Iwona! We wish you both more and more show successes.

There were shows two our girls, BIRMAN's sisters - BAZOOKA & BALLADA - both in their classes have received 3rd place with excellent note.

There are still 2 males (2 months old) available. One of them is a show quality dog. Both males are very strong with compact body and thick bone.







Two new photo galleries of our puppies

There are finally some photos of our 30 days old puppies! Please, find them on 'Puppies' page

Today the 'Argus Electra' Team came back from International Dog Show in Katowice bringing 3 medals:
- Argus Electra BIRMAN in junior class - 1st place, Junior Winner, gold medal,
- Argus Electra BAZOOKA in junior class - 2nd place, silver medal,
- Argus Electra BALLADA also in junior class - 3rd place, bronze medal
Soon we will put some photos from the show

Yesterday, at the Club Show in Serbia, Argus Electra BURAN, won junior class and got next Junior Winner title, like also became Junior Club Winner 2007 and Best of Breed (judge: Olga Sheritsa, Moldovia)!

Argus Electra BOYAR, shown twice in Haan Gruiten (Germany), won twice and the same has finished his KfT Junior Championship.

ZAGREB (CACIB Dog Show) - 04.03.2007: Argus Electra BURAN became Best Junior in Breed and next, in the competition of 50 dogs he won his next title already of Junior Best in Show !!!
I'm very proud of BURAN's successes and I hope for next (congratulations for owners - Vanja & Dejan and lot ot thanks for Buran's handler - Zoran)



Today, on February 20, our Basma became a mother! There are 5 females and 5 boys - all healthy and veeery energetic.

We will show some photos of our puppies in their gallery soon.

Today it was a great day for 'Arguses' - we bring 3 gold medals, 2 Junior Winners and CWC frm the National Dog Show in Rzeszow.

Argus Electra Bazooka has received her last Junior Winner title and 'Best Junior in Breed'. The same she has finished the Junior Championship of Poland and the same first that title for 'Argus Electra' kennel.

Argus Electra Birman has received Junior Winner title. It was his first show!

Same day we have also shown our Matti Matuchowa Frajda in Champion Class, who received excellent note and next CWC ;)



Couple of new photos on 'Grooming BRT' page

For the good start of the year we have great news from Boyar - on CACIB show in Nürnberg (Germany) he received Junior Winner (judge: Mrs. E.Clerc)


Summarising year 2006

BASMA PERFORMANS - 2nd BRT of the Year 2006 /females/

JWe are very proud of Basma's result in Show Rank 2006. A lot of thanks goes to Patrycja for a great work with the Polish BRT Service, which makes our breed more and more popular. Patka - thank you!

With double success in Zagreb our BASMA has finished very intensive and successful show season 2006.

This year we had first litter of black russian terriers, 'Argus' children went to the rings, getting top places on the shows.
ARGUS ELECTRA BURAN - 2 x PUPPY BIS, Puppy BIS III, than shown once in junior class received Junior Winner title and Best of Breed, like also Junior BIS III.
And the girls: BARISHKA, BALLADA & BAZOOKA - very promising notes always; BALLADA, she has qualified to the first 10 in PUPPY BIS; BAZOOKA, after entering to junior class has been shown 3 times and got 3 Junior Winner titles.


BASMA PERFORMANS won in 4 countries: Slovakia, Austria, Hungary and Croatia, like also won the CRUFT QUALIFICATION 2007 and WINNER OF AUSTRIA AND HUNGARY 2006 like also ZAGREB WINNER 2006 title. We hope that the next year will bring successes to dogs from ARGUS ELECTRA.

MATTI MATUCHOWA FRAJDA has finished this year CHAMPIONSHIP OF POLAND, got next nominations to CHAMPIONSHIP of Hungary, Slovakia and Czech Republic, and we also had a pleasure to welcome 2 litters sired by our Matti - we will cross the fingers now for his little dwarfs.

After very successful show season, BASMA have a well-deserved relaxation. We hope to welcome on spring 2007 next ARGUS ELECTRA litter. For future sire we have choose very titled dog, who has pure russian lines in his pedigree, with excellent outlook and character. If you are interested, don't hasitate to contact us!
For more details please visit our web site at the turn of January/February 2007



BASMA PERFORMANS - 2nd BRT of the Year 2006 /females/
We are very proud of Basma's result in Show Rank 2006. A lot of thanks goes to Patrycja for a great work with the Polish BRT Service, which makes our breed more and more popular. Patka - thank you!

We have came back from Zagrzeb - tired but happy. Our Basma Performans both days have received the nomination to Croatian Championship like twice she received CACIB certificate. The same she gained all the conditions to become the INTERCHAMPION!!!
At the end, she has also received (on November 25) her second CRUFT 2007 Qualification and last day - new title - Winner of Zagreb 2006.

So we have already an



On winter 2006/2007 we hope to welcome new ARGUS ELECTRA litter. For future sire we have choose very titled dog, who has pure russian lines in his pedigree, with excellent outlook and character. If you are interested, don't hasitate to contact us!

11,13.11.2006 - World Dog Show; we came back very satisfied. Our dogs have been shown in Champion classes very nice. Basma in very big Champion class (28 females), has received excellent note, after first eliminations, where lot of females went out with very good notes. Judge: Brigit Seloy, Denmark.


Matti has also start in champion class with excellent note in the competition of 20 males he came to first 10, but that was everything for him under Mr.Stefan Sinko. Anyway we are very glad, because our little boy, after hard show season, after time of discourage, has retrive the joy in the ring, which he lost last weeks. That was the best news for me!



Yesterday at the international show in Hannover BOYAR Argus Electra received Junior Winner title!

Yesterday at the show in Raciborz our Bazooka has been shown in junior class again and received "Junior Winner" title (judge: Mr.Andrzej Jaworski, PL).



We have just came back from Bundessieger & CACIB Dog Show - Dortmund. Our Matti Matuchowa Frajda became 3rd and 4th excellent male in a class with beautiful Champions. I have to admit, that the show was a feast for eye. I have never seen so many beautiful bulldogs from the best European kennels.

There was also our BOYAR Argus Electra show on Bundessieger first time in junior class, taking excellent note on second place.



New photos of Matti's children on 'Matti -> offspring' page



Yesterday at the national show in Vincovic (Croatia) our Argus Electra BURAN was shown first time in junior class and received Junior Winner, Best of Breed and 3rd place on Junior BIS!
My greatest congratulations! We cross our fingers for more successes!

Today it was second Bazooka's show in junior class /Rybnik/, and she has finished it with success.
Our little girl, in the class of 3 females, received Junior Winner and Best Junior in Breed titles, which makes us really happy!



Today at the show in Wroclaw our Argus Electra BAZOOKA received 'Junior Winner' and 'Best Junior in Breed' titles!

Również dziś zadebiutował mój mąż, jako handler Mattiego ;-) , chłopcy pokazali sie ładnie , choć ich pierwsza wspólpraca nie do konca była pełna wzajemnego zrozumienia i harmonii :-)).
Matti otrzymał ocene doskonałą , ktrórych sedzia p. V.A van Raamsdonk, jak pokazuja wyniki wystawy ,nie rozdzielał pochopnie, oraz bardzo ładny opis.



The newest photos of our two children. Here we present BOYAR

and BAYA



Today in Osijek /Croatia/ our BURAN Argus Electra has been shown in puppy class last time, taking 'very promising' note and Puppy BIS again. We are very proud of such a good Buran's show start and we wish him and his owners still so lucky streak. Thank you Vania and Dejan, and special thanks for Zoran, Buran's handler.



We are back from 2 CACIB Shows in Kecskemet, Hungary. These two shows gave us huge satisfaction. On September 9, our Basma Performans reiceved next Hungarian CAC in open class, CACIB and CRUFTS 2007 Qualification!!

Next day Basma, this time in champion class, took CAC and CACIB again!

And Matti, on September 09, starting in champion class received his next Hungarian CAC. The judge was Mr.Jean-Jaques Dupas /France/. Next day wasn't so successful for him. This time he was 3rd excellent under A. Kirschichler /Austria/.

3.09 - Mlada Boleslav, Czech republic - our Matti, in champion class, was 2nd excellent under P.Soukup /CZ/



BOYAR has been shown at the Black Russian Terrier Club Show in Germany and, as the only puppy in breed, he received very promising note!!
We would like to present you BIRMAN Argus Electra at the age of 8 months!



Yesterday, at the show in Nowy Targ, we have shown our Bazooka Argus Electra in puppy class again. She received very promissing note with 1st place (judge: Piotr Krol)



DVery good weekend for us, our MATTI became an INTERCHAMPION !!!!!! Jola, you could be proud!!

First day in Bratislava (19-20.08.2006) Matti received res.CAC (judge: Adelajd Kirschichler /A/). Same day our Basma also received res.CAC (judge: P.Gil Polo del Maria Carmen /E/). And the next day was successful for both of our doggies. Matti - CAC & CACIB and the same he has finished the way to an Interchampionship and made next step to Championship of Slovakia (judge: P.Rui Oliveira /P/ - very challenging judge!) Same day Basma took CAC, getting her first certificate to the Championship of Slovakia and res.CACIB (Judge: Mr. Gajewski). More information on "Matti -> show results" and "Basma -> My successes" page.

In the middle of August in "z Zielonego Sącza" kennel there were born next litter sired by Matti. Their mother became SARA z Zielonego Sącza.

Yesterday at the show in Bedzin we have shown BALLADA Argus Electra first time with 1st place, very promissing note; second in class with very promissing note was our second female - BAZOOKA. Next BALLADA got to the final 10 at the Puppy Best in Show.



Yesterday at the show in Szombathely MATTI got res.CAC and BASMA - CAC & CACIB. Today at the show in Oberwart BASMA did it again and getting CAC & CACIB she also won the Austrian-Hungarian Winner 2006!



Today in Germany BOYAR Argus Electra first time went into the puppy class and he took very promissing note under Mrs.Magdalena Kozłowska. He was also running in the main ring and took 2nbd place in Puppy Best in Show! Bravo Annina, good start. We are very proud of such a great inauguration of second puppy from our kennel.

New photos of BURIA & BARISHKA on 'Puppies -> 6 months old' page

Great news today - BAZOOKA Argus Electra debut at the show in Ustron, getting 'very promissing' note;

also today, BURAN Argus Electra, on his second show got 'very promissing' note and won Puppy BIS!



The puppies are 6 months already, so take a look on their new photos on 'Puppies' page.

We are asking you to see 'Gallery -> Summer 2006', where were have add new photos of our dogs and some pictures from vacation.

BARISHKA Argus Electra was first time in the ring at show in Krakow, getting 'very promissing' note

We have just came back from vacation in Croatia. We were also in Pecs (Hungary) at the show with Matti, where he was 2nd in open class and took res.CAC. The judge was Mr.S.Sinko (Slovenia).



Today we have an other pride reason. I want to brag with my beautiful puppies sired by Matti.
More photos on 'Matti->offspring' page



This weekend was very good for our dogs. We came back from Miskolc, where Basma, on her first show this year, got first nomination to the Championship of Hungary and than she took res.Cacib.
And Matti took res.CAC in open class.

Next day in Nitra we have shown Matti only, but with a success. He received first nomination to the Championship of Slovakia and res.Cacib. There were 32 frenchies on the show and there was a judge from Finland Mr.Veli-Pekka Kumpumaki.
Rread more on 'Matti -> Show results' page and 'Basma -> My successes'



We have first success of our brt puppy! Yesterday in Vukovar (Croatia) first time went to a show our Buran Argus Electra and took Very Promissing note like also 3rd place on Puppy BIS! Bravo!
We wish lot of successes with Buran to Vanja & Dejan; thanks to Zoran for help in handling little boy.


New photo on 'Puppies' page -> '...at new homes...'

It was better day today, on the show in Lodz our Matti was 1st in open class with CWC, CACIB and Best Male (judge Anatoli Zhuk; Belorussia)

30.04 From the international show in Opole we came back with 5th place hmmm ;) Judge - Mrs. Krystyna Opara



New photos on 'Puppies' page -> '...at new homes...'

There were born first litter sired by our Matti! Read more in 'Matti' -> 'Offspring'
Yesterday at the Club Show - Opole 2006, Matti was 2nd excellent in the competition of 6 males in class. The judge was Mr.A.Kaźmierski
New photos on 'Puppies' page -> '...at new homes...'

At the show in Ostrava (Czech Republic) our Matti in the competition of 8 very nice dogs won the class and got CAC!
New gallery on 'Puppies' page -> '...at new homes...'

We are expecting litter sired by MATTI! Find more on MATTI's page!



Sunday was a great inaugration day of our new show season 2006 with a huge success. Our MATTI Matuchowa Frajda has finished the Championship of Poland in a beautiful style, got his third nomination to Interchampionship and was the Best of Breed Katowice 2006. More information on the web 'Matti -> show results'

New photos in: 'Portraits of puppies' (on 'Puppies' page) and 'Basma & Matti - Winter 2005/2006' (on 'Gallery' page)

New photos of puppies!

New photos of our BRT babies!

New photos of our puppies!!!

New photos of little BRTs!

New photos of our puppies and Basma's winter pictures

New photos of our puppies!

Look for the photos of our BRT puppies on 'puppies' page

Yesterday there were born 11 puppies (7 girls, 4 boys) by our Basma! The puppies and their proud mother feel very good!
We will present some photos of the little ones soon.

So here we are: we have a new web page dedicated to a black Russian terrier lady and a French bulldog hunky.