Champion of Poland

Champion of Slovakia

Junior Winner x 3, Best Junior x 3, 2 x BOB, BOS, 3 x CWC, 4 x CAC, 2 x res. CAC, 3 x CACIB, 2 x res. CACIB


Born: 06.05.2011




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+48 33 861 86 05
+48 606 958 424



+48 502 22 46 50


Argus Electra GABOR is a son of our Argus Electra CONTESSA's and imported from Russia our stud male NORDICAN's s Vasilevskogo Ostrova. Gabor has a very rare and interesting pedigree, but most importantly: recently done tests show that he is healthy like all siblings from his litter, which has been tested on HD and HU to.


NORDICAN s Vasilevskogo Ostrova


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Argus Electra CONTESSA

HD-A,ED-0/0, HU-N/HU

TOP FEMALE Show Ranking in Poland '08 i '09

Int.Ch, Ch.PL, Ch Hu. J.Ch.PL, Czech Winner '09
11 x CACIB, 10 x BOB, 26 x CWC

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punktor Nowy Sacz 21.08.2011 j. M. Kuriata-Okarmus (PL) - Best Baby in Breed
punktor Jaroslaw 03.03.2012 j. C. Pettko (HU) - Junior Winner, Best Junior in Breed
punktor Sanok 13.05.2012 j. B. Chmiel (PL) - Junior Winner, Best Junior in Breed, BOB
punktor Nowy Targ 14.07.2012 j. J. Opara (PL) - Junior Winner, Best Junior in Breed
punktor Lublin 21.04.2013 j. D. Korna (EST) - CWC
punktor Velka Ida 06.07.2013 j. K. Srecko (CRO) - CAC
punktor Velka Ida 07.07.2013 j. V. Pogodnina (UA) - res. CAC
punktor Kielce 10.11.2013 j. A. Soroko (BY) - CWC
punktor Nitra 30.11.2013 j. A. Kalis (SK) - CAC, CACIB, BOS
punktor Nitra 01.12.2013 j. P. Csaba (H) - CAC, CACIB, BOB
punktor Trencin 19.01.2014 j. H. Bierwolf (A) - res. CAC, res. CACIB
punktor Katowice 23.03.2014 j. D. Paunovic (SRB) - CWC, res. CACIB
punktor Velka Ida 06.07.2014 j. T. Nikonorova (RUS) - CAC, res. CACIB=CACIB